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Waters J9 Blueberry Farm Family

Welcome to our family farm, where premium blueberry plants are our only crop.

Inventory Reduction Sale! Discounts available for volume / wholesale orders - please call!

Our intent is to help you grow large productive blueberry plants with nickel size fruit. Our varieties of blueberry plants will grow to 4-5 feet and will produce 7 to 10 lbs of fruit at maturity.

Our State inspected plants make an attractive edible landscape shrub with white spring flowers and vibrant burgundy fall foliage.  Our plants are naturally grown and no harsh pesticides have ever been used. The blueberry plants grow well in a garden as well as next to your home, garage, or along a fence line in a sunny location with easy access to water.


Waters Blueberry Farm - Blueberry plants

We offer 3 varieties for over 55 days of fresh picked fruit:

DUKE, America's #1 Early Season variety. Ripens the last week of May until mid-June here in Western Kentucky. Blooms late but ripens early. Large nickel size fruit. Great for eating! Vibrant red/orange fall leaf colors.

BLUECROP, America's #1 Mid Season variety. Ripens early June to late June here in Western Kentucky. Large nickel size fruit with good flavor.
Beautiful burgundy fall leaf colors

LIBERTY, Blooms early and ripens late June in Western Kentucky.

Our varieties thrive in summer heat of over 95 F and
are winter hardy to minus (-) 25 F.

In fact 80% of our customers are successfully growing blueberries for the first time.

We can not ship to California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington due to state regulations.

*** FREE FedEx Ground SHIPPING ***
on all orders over $75.00
or FOB at our farm in western KY and save $5.00 per plant

We are currently taking orders and shipping!.

Discounts available for volume orders - please call!

We will ship at YOUR convenience - YOU tell us when you want the plants
to arrive. We will ship in mid-March, April and May for ideal Spring planting and again in mid-September, October and until mid-November for fall planting.

We provide detailed written growing instructions when you purchase our blueberry plants. The instructions help you with site selection, soil preparation, watering, mulching, fertilizing, harvesting and handling. Our blueberry plants are very easy to grow organically. We recommend ordering a minimum of 2 plants for optimal cross-pollination.

One of Ellen's original blueberry recipes will be included with each order.

Waters J9 Blueberry Farm Plant Size

We offer 3 varieties in 2 different sizes of BlueBerry plants:

3 year old 
36 + inches tall.
These premium plants will produce an abundant amount of fruit this summer.
All 3 varieties - $30.00 each
Order Here

4-5 year old 
48+ inches tall
These premium plants will produce an abundant amount of fruit this summer.
All 3 varieties - ($50.00 each)
Order Here

Orders can be placed now and we will ship the plants at your convenience
(weather permitting).

Waters J9 Blueberry Farm - premium blueberry plants

Vibrant Fall Blueberry Plant Foliage

Waters J9 Blueberry Farm - premium blueberry plants

Waters J9 Blueberry Farm - premium blueberry plants

Waters J9 Blueberry Farm - premium blueberry plants

"Blueberry plants make a wonderful edible hedge along a fence line, in the garden or next to your home."

Please contact us with your comments, questions, suggestions or to purchase a gift
certificate. We enjoy hearing from you.

Here are some recent comments from some of our customers:

Well again I must thank you for such nice blueberry plants. I received them this afternoon and I got half of them planted already. I will be ordering from you again. No hassle, fast delivery, what else could you ask for? Thanks again. (third order) GM, PA - 6/4/14

The plants look great! Second time Ive ordered from you and am very pleased. SC, MA - 5/29/14

Good morning! The blueberry plants arrives safe and sound. They look awesome! We planted them following your instructions this morning. If these take off and work great, we will definitely order some more next year. SD, OH - 5/29/14

The plants arrived today, they are in very good shape. A lot further along than my own plants. I always get the best plants from your farm. I will probably order some more for fall planting. Thanks so much.(Second order) GM, PA - 5/22/14

Thanks for the beautiful plants. They look excellent. Im very happy I bought them from you. CR, OH - 4/24/14

I would like for you to know that today I received the plants I ordered. I have ordered plants from other suppliers but yours are by far the best plants I have received and plants were in very good condition when received. I will be ordering again. Thank you. ST, KY - 11/30/13

I received 12 - 3 & 4 year old plants - last week and got them in the ground with in 24 hours...when I opened the boxes I saw that you had done a very nice and efficient packing job and the plants were as large as your website had advertised & came with a good sized root-ball with plenty of moist dirt. The shipment arrived in good condition. The plants look great - no breakage what-so-ever. Thanks for everything. JK, MA - Fall 2012

Received blueberry plants today (Oct. 4, 2012). They are planted and watered along with the 9 plants received on Sept. 25, 2012. We are very happy with both orders, they are an excellent size with lots of growth. We ordered plants from other companies but none came close to your size or grade. GH, TN - Oct 2012

I received my blueberry plants today and they look amazing. MF, MI - Spring 2011 (Note: Ordered additional plants in Fall of 2012)

The plants arrived today. Beautiful plants. Thank you for your prompt service. LM, MO - March 2012

Just wanted to say thanks for the detailed planting instructions that came with the plants. I followed the instructions to the letter and the plants are thriving. All of them have already fruited up to some level. Thanks for helping start my little blueberry patch. KD, KY - May 2012

Wholesale Order - Tomorrow is our plant sale. The blueberries look wonderful and actually your planting directions are probably better than our County Extension Agents instructions. RH, VA - April 2012

Thanks so much for the beautiful plants that arrived today. I enjoy doing business with such a wonderful provider. RB, MI - May 2012

The Dukes arrived today and I immediately planted them. Thank you for sending the tracking number.The tracking number really, really helps! RK, ME - Fall 2012

Thank you for your interest in our farm!

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